Mexican Desserts at Anaya’s

Anaya’s is making a new dessert menu.

Hello everyone,

This is Shan Gilbreath, Anaya’s marketing manager. Maria has asked me to create a tabletop desert menu for Anaya’s customers. She has been sending me pictures of the food as she makes it, this way no food is wasted making the new menu. I just checked my email and she sent me these dessert pictures that are just mind blowing. The most beautiful food you can imagine. I am getting hungry just working with these pictures. I thought I would share them with you as a sort of sneak peek at the coming menu.

These dessert pictures will induce hunger GUARANTEED! (if not just wait a few minutes)I don’t even know what this is, but I want it!

I think this is flan in dulce de leche with strawberries on top. It looks absolutely delicious. Whatever it is I think I want to try it. I am adding this to my bucket list. Good thing Anaya’s is just up the road from me.

Mexican Deep Fried Ice Cream

Now this is something I know a little bit about. Growing up in Phoenix, I have had Fried ice cream from a lot of different restaurants. I think almost every Mexican food place serves this as a tradition. Still, this stuff never gets old. My wife and I had some recently at Anaya’s and, yes, it is still delicious. Even better after a Mexican food dinner and some margaritas. Am I right?

Here are a couple more pictures sent to me today of food served at Anaya’s:

Hello everyone,


We are bringing a valley tradition to our restaurant starting this Tuesday, December 16th.

 Taco Tuesday featuring mini tacos and regular tacos at a special price. Same delicious flavors, same wonderful restaurant, less stress on the pocketbook.

Mini Tacos .25 each

Mini tacos or also known as street tacos are served with corn or flour tortilla and your choice of ground beef, chicken, chili colorado, chili verde, or piccadillo beef. Garnished with onions and cilantro

Regular Fried Tacos .25 each

Fried tacos are served deep fried in a corn tortilla with your choice of ground beef, chicken or piccadillo beef. Garnished with lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

Mexican Desserts at Anaya’s