Black chocolate liquor

CharoJ, I already copied you the black chocolate liquor, since I saw it I wanted to and you can see that I have not taken anything.

Yes, this liquor, although I have not tried it, it promises to be delicious and it is done in a moment. I copied it from La casita de chocolate, I leave the link:

Chocolate liqueur black

400 grs. of dulce de leche
200 leche
300 cc. of whiskey of 12 years
300 cc. of cream
200 grs. of black chocolate and 1 envelope of vanilla sugar

In a saucepan with a thick bottom we melt the chocolate with the cream, once it is melted we add the whiskey and milk and mix well with the rods .
We add the dulce de leche and the vanilla sugar and keep mixing with the rods.
Let cool completely, remove the telita that is formed (I have strained it), and put in a bottle.
Put in the fridge to keep it cool or leave it in a cool, dry place.
The better the chocolate, the better the liquor will be.Preview